Pure Youth Theatre

Secondary School ages

Tuesday: 4.15 – 6pm – Cornerstone Church, Ramilies Road, L18 1ED.  £6 per class (payable termly)

These classes include workshops and regular teaching on different types and styles of performance including Singing, Acting, Dancing, Spoken Word, Improvised Comedy, Mime, Creative Writing.
This group looks to balance a real sense of fun with high quality teaching and input. Once or twice a year, these programmes culminate in a performance of a scripted piece in a professional theatre space. The performances we create aim to look at issues that concern the young people in order to create new, innovative theatre and performance pieces that matter to them.
In the summer term we will work towards performance exams with Trinity Guildhall. We also have a personal mentoring programme where each young person will get input on their performance as well as on a personal level. The young people are encouraged to explore their gifting and are given a voice to express themselves.

Junior Class

Primary School ages

Wednesday: 4.15 – 6pm – Cornerstone Church, Ramilies Road, L18 1ED. £6 per class (payable termly)

The junior class are taught skills in singing, dance, drama and performance technique, in a fun and safe environment. We see them grow in confidence and self esteem as they explore their passions and skills.
Whilst we want to see them grow in their artistic talents, we seek to give an opportunity and real investment to every child, regardless of their level of ability. The workshops and lessons will then lead to a full scale production at least once a year.

Bootle Class

Ages 7-15

Thursday: 4.15 – 6pm – Hope Baptist Church, Southport Road, L20 9NR. £6 per class (payable termly)

This is a new class which will involve workshops in different styles of performance – Singing, Acting, Dancing, Spoken Word, Creative Writing and other skills. This will lead to a showcase at Christmas and a scripted performance in the summer term.
There will be opportunities to devise pieces that look at relevant issues. There will also be mentoring for the young people of secondary school age, to encourage them in all they are doing.

Term dates:

Autumn/Winter Term – 10th September – 20th December 2012
Spring/Summer Term – 14th January – 17th July 2013

Please note classes do not take place during Half Term.

To book a place at either of these classes or for more information please contact Naomi Workman on: 0151 4276777 / cas@purecreativearts.co.uk