At Pure Creative Arts, we believe that all young people are full of potential and our creative arts school exists to see them reach this. The school was launched in August 2006, running projects during the school holidays for children aged 5 – 18 years. Since opening the school has continued to grow and children can take part in singing, theatre and dance classes as well as being given opportunities to learn about set design, costume, song and script writing and choreography. Classes and holiday projects are taught by experienced performers and teachers in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Children are given the space to discover new talents and interests as they learn of their unique gifting and individual worth. It has been a successful last few years with a variety of shows being performed by the children and young people, including: A Christmas Carol, Cats, Joseph, songs from Broadway, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Narnia and most recently Alice in Wonderland.

“The young people all have such talent and skill and it is great to see them exploring that. Seeing them build friendships and grow in confidence week by week is even more exciting though. There is something powerful that happens when young people come together to be creative – it opens them up to share their ideas, hopes and dreams (and we have so much fun doing it!) It is a real privilege to be involved.” Naomi Workman, Creative Arts School Co-Ordinator.

The mother of one of our students has delighted us with the following account:

“My little girl has been lacking in self confidence since nursery days, I’ve tried everything – instilling a sense of self-worth by showering her with praises, reading books, having groups of children round to play, throwing parties etc. None of those seemed to work. If we went to a school disco or birthday party, she would cling to my skirt and peek out from behind me or squeeze my hand tightly and refuse to leave my side. We tried ballet and tap lessons, rainbows, all to no avail. After two or three weeks she would be begging not to go again.

Then PURE CREATIVE ARTS SCHOOL came along! At first, I was sceptical, but a couple of her school friends were going along so I decided to give it a few weeks. The weeks turned into months and her mild curiosity turned into full-on enthusiasm. Her weekly hopeful cry of “Mummy, Mummy, is it Tuesday? – is it PURE tonight?” brought both reassurance and a sense of relief into my life. I was very pleased that at last, we had found something she was enjoying and happily saw her off with her friends each week. 

I had never been along to PURE class, nor met any of the teachers, when I had occasion to telephone the school manager Rebecca Boyd. She cheerfully announced that my daughter was a great little actress, and could even be considered for a main role. I thought she was speaking to the wrong mum by mistake! My disbelief turned to amazement when I saw my daughter in the production at the end of the term!

The difference in my child’s confidence on the whole has been fantastic to watch – school is a happier place, parties are a little less overwhelming – she sings out loud to me with a gorgeous little voice and we’re looking forward to the school Christmas disco this year. WHAT A BLESSING!”