Pure have worked with a number of Churches and youth groups across the country and are looking forward to working alongside more churches and youth groups as they embark on their new Church tour.

Pure offer a wide range of resources and activities to youth groups and churches, including theatre productions and follow up workshops, dance and drama workshops, teaching and evangelistic dramas, with the Pure band available for performances and leading worship.

Pure are passionate about working with the young people in our churches and sharing with them the truth that they have been made in the image of their Father and their Creator and that they are loved, precious and chosen. Pure want to see this generation of young people rising up, secure in who they are, saying no to conformity and being set apart for God.

As part of this Pure run quarterly Upside Down Events where young people can engage with God and think about what it means to be set apart, as well as discuss the issues that Pure work with. Keep an eye on the news pages for updates on the next Upside Down Event.

‘”As a youth worker in a church setting I particularly saw the value of Pure Creative Arts Production of Shine today, having had experience myself as a teenager of growing up in a youth group where openness was not modelled or encouraged I very much felt I had to be perfect, live a false life and had no point of reference for where to go or what to do with negative emotions. Seeing Pure Perform their production Shine today at our youth conference I felt an overwhelming sense of wishing I had something like this when I was a teenager- to talk in a real way about my emotions- it would have saved me so much pain!

Pure through their productions provide such an amazing platform and way for young people to be able to open up about their negative emotion and ways of coping, in a safe space- to know its ok to admit they struggle and find help where they need it. I was never given a platform like this to share negative emotion so I went into adult life hiding all that had happened to me as I grew up as I felt I had to keep up the image of being ‘a good Christian’ and this contributed to depression for me.

I so strongly believe in what it is doing – raising up a generation who are able to be open and talk about and deal with negative emotion and those things that we usually keep hidden, and in turn find freedom to be real and enjoy who they were created to be. I would recommend Pure to anyone!” Youth Worker, Frontline Church

For more information on what Pure could offer your church and/or youth group or to find out how you could partner with us and support the work we do, you can download the church and youth group pack or contact us for more information.