Pure Creative Arts provide a number of different educational resources to be used within assemblies, lessons, workshops or an Impact Programme set up in your school.

Pure works within all five points of the Every Child Matters Policy and keeps up to date with current curriculum. How Pure Creative Arts meet the Every Child Matters 5 key outcomes:

1. Be healthy

The Theatre production ‘Mirror Mirror’ and the body image workshops that follow promote healthy lifestyles in young people and a healthy self-image. This production along with ‘Shine’, also promotes and provides support for being mentally and emotionally healthy. Sexual health is addressed through the production ‘Hold Me’ and the workshops that follow, that raise the issues of underage sex, abortion, rape and STIs. Through the IMPACT groups Pure run each week, children and young people are supported through all of the above and are provided with advice and someone to talk to. Dance and sport workshops in both the Creative Arts School and IMPACT groups, provide the opportunity for children and young people including children in care, to take part in healthy activities.

2. Stay safe

Each Member of the Pure team and the volunteers that work along side the team are CRB checked and are aware of the Charities Child Protection Policy and Procedures. In every aspect of Pure’s work, from the Theatre company to the Creative Arts School, the team ensure that a safe and encouraging environment is provided for the children and young people they work with. The issue of abuse and advice on what to do is dealt with in the production ‘Hold Me’ and anti-bullying is a key message brought out through ‘Shine’ and the IMPACT programme.

3. Enjoy and achieve

Achieving personal and social development and enjoying recreation is a vital objective of the Creative Arts School, encouraging development through sports, dance, art, drama and singing and providing opportunities for all children who wish to be involved, regardless of background, age, gender or race. The Creative Arts School provides space for children to achieve in the arts and allows them to develop their social skills. The IMPACT programme also provides opportunities for young people to take part in dance, drama and sports workshops. Workshops are also taught to children either about to join secondary or post 16 education, and aim to help get them ready for this stage of their schooling career.

4. Make a positive contribution

A key part of Pure Creative Art’s vision is to develop self-confidence in young people and help them to successfully and positively deal with significant life changes and challenges. Through all of Pure’s work , and in particular through the IMPACT programme, the team encourage young people to develop socially and emotionally and develop positive relationships with their peers. The Theatre Company also raise the issue of bullying and aim to reduce discrimination among young people. Again, the Creative Arts School provides opportunities for any child who wishes to, to be involved and in turn make a positive contribution in the area of the arts.

5. Achieve economic well-being

The IMPACT programme that Pure Creative Arts deliver is of a high standard and covers topics that will help prepare young people for moving into post-16 education or employment.

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