The Mentoring programme is both a group and one to one mentorship service that Pure provide to schools across the country. The programme encourages and gives the students space to address and talk about life’s struggles that they might be facing.

The program runs once a week covering a different topic each week that the students want to address.

So far the mentoring programme has worked with students addressing issues of low self esteem, low self worth, depression, anger management, identity, grief and bereavement, self harm and eating disorders.

Pure find that it is effective to launch this programme with either a performance, workshop or an assembly to introduce it, so that pupils are aware of who Pure are and that the sessions are running.

Pure like to be able to liase with the teachers on the particular issues raised within sessions to ensure that material that is covered is followed up properly and that teachers are aware of what is going on. This is normally done with the school’s Safeguarding officer.