Pure Engage Promo Video

- We want to inspire men to pursue integrity, purity & honour, standing for Godliness and true manhood.
– We hope to encourage men to reflect the Father heart of God to the broken and lost in our society.
– We believe that when we ENGAGE with God and other men, this can have a real impact on the next generation, helping them uncover their worth, value and calling as men of God.

This vision arose from a realisation that at the core of most issues affecting boys lies a lack of understanding of male identity. Most behaviours they adopt are derived from male stereotypes in society, which are often far from God’s calling for what men should be.

The more we worked with young guys in schools, the more it highlighted a need to not only engage with them at a ground level, but also to encourage Christian men to truly demonstrate Godly masculinity in our society.

That’s where you guys come in! These events are about uniting and networking men of God from across our city, to come together in seeing how we can impact our communities. The Engage events are a great starting point for this, and we’d love to see you there.

Here are some of the comments from guys who have been to previous Engage events:

  • “There was a sense of re-focusing on who I am and what I’m here to do.”
  • “The speaker was really passionate, I enjoyed the brutal honesty.”
  • “It was great to hear testimony and something authentic.”
  • “I found it amazing and inspiring.”
  • “There were challenging examples of how we can be role models as men – tough love!”


Check out some photos from previous Engage events.

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