What is the layout of the day?

The day will begin with all the pupils watching the production and being a part of the performance hour. The pupils will then be split into four groups that will be a part of the workshops throughout their normal school day. This will take part along-side their lessons. We understand that every school is different and has different time tables so here is an example of what the layout of a day could look like:

Period 1: Production hour: All Students

Period 2: Workshops for group A


Period 3: Workshops for group B


Period 4: Workshops for group C


Period 5: Workshops for group D

Each period needs an hour to be able to cover all that we need to address.


How many young people can we see per workshop?

The workshops are split into single sex workshops therefore we can see twenty boys and thirty girls per period (workshop hour). We say that the maximum number of young people per leader is ten pupils. This is so that each young person is able to get full benefit of the topic being addressed. Therefore this would mean the maximum number of young people we can see in one day is 80 boys and 120 girls.


Does each member of the team have a CRB?

Yes. Each team member has an enhanced CRB disclosure form.


How many days can the Pure team work in our school per week?

The designated days that we can come and deliver our production and workshops in your school are Monday through to Wednesday.


What are the space and technical requirements for the day?

Performance space and blackout:

Each of our current theatre productions incorporate the use of multi-media, music, as well as live performance. To best utilise this resource we need a large performance space preferably a hall or drama studio.

Main Stage measurements: Width – minimum 8 metres Depth – minimum 5 metres.

It is also requested that the venue used has a blackout facility for the performance space, or ‘near to’ as black out as possible.

For the workshops we will need two breakout rooms so that the boys and girls are separate for their workshops. The breakout rooms must comfortably fit three groups of ten girls and two groups of ten boys (maximum) with space in between to give them the opportunity to talk in safe caring environment.

Power Requirements:

The theatre productions will ideally need a 32 amp socket for the PA and lighting equipment but it would also be possible to use a number of 13 amp sockets.


Pure Creative Arts policy’s and procedures.

Pure Creative Arts has both a Safeguarding policy and a confidentiality and information sharing policy. All the team are trained up on both of these policies and they are aware of the protocols that they must follow when working with children and young people. If you would like to see copies of these policy’s you may request this at any stage.

When working within any school setting we do however work under the school’s policies and any disclosures made to each team member will be recorded.  The disclosed information will be documented and this then passed on to the safeguarding officer at the school.


PCA Terms and conditions for booking.

  • 50% of the invoice must be paid before the booking date.
  • If the booking is outside of the Liverpool area, you will be charged 0.40 per mile, per vehicle.
  • If the booking is over fifty miles outside the Liverpool area then the team will need to stay over night. As an organisation, we will look to contact local churches in your area to ask if they can ‘host’ the team for the designated number of nights. However if this is not possible then we do request that you will pay for the accommodation of the team. We will request to stay in a local Travel Lodge or Premier Inn. This accommodation cost will be added to the overall amount of the booking and travel expenses.
  • If the team are to stay in a Travel lodge or Premier Inn we will put an additional cost of £40 per day
  • All bookings must be made ‘one month in advance’ to the desired date.
  • The team will need to enter the School two hours prior to the booking starting. This is so that the team can set up the set, PA and technical equipment.
  • On the day we request that the team are fed both breakfast and lunch and that drinks of water are provided throughout the day.
  • Prior to the booking we will send the designated member of staff the Pure Creative Arts Risk Assessment document and this must be completed and signed and handed back to the booking coordinator on the booking date.



These are subject to PCA booking terms and conditions and the destination of the booking.


One day booking of The Other Side production and workshops                        £600

Two day booking of The Other Side production and workshops                        £1,100

Three day booking of The Other Side production and workshops                 £1,600