Synopsis of the production

The Other Side follows the stories of four young people, each with different issues, brought together for one night of fun that descends into trouble. Join Lee, Gem, Daniel and Sophie as they battle with the pressures of growing up, family problems, school and relationships.

The production seeks to tackle questions of identity, family, sex, friendships, and how you respond to the challenges that life brings. In the subsequent workshops, we will look at a number of these themes, how the characters responded, and how the young people can find more positive ways to deal with their personal issues.

Our aim/vision for this piece is that each young person would feel called into a more positive view of who they are and who they’ve been made to be.

Major themes and issues that are addressed in The Other Side

  • Family breakdown
  • Lack of fathering
  • Relationships
  • Influence of the media
  • Dissatisfaction with life

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